Almabtrieb in Zillertal Valley

At the moment the cows still feed their last days on the Zillertaler pastures.  But soon cows and other animals who spent the summer on alpine meadows  will be led to their stables on farms in the valley, thus they will be center of the colorful celebrations taking place on the occasion of this event. One can almost say September is in sign of the cows.

Almabtrieb (cow train) has been a custom for many centuries and the cows are decorated elaborately with flowers, ribbons, bells and pictures of saints. After a long march from the pastures down to the villages the „Huamfohra“ (home comers) will be welcomed with music and dance. Every year this event is an attraction for guests as well as for locals.

In Zillertal valley, Zell am Ziller is one of many villages celebrating the event of cow trains being led home. In Zell am Ziller at the Almabtrieb festival on 28th September visitors will be indulged with local delicacies like Zillertaler Krapfen, Melchermuas, Käsespätzle and other homemade delights. A further attraction is the farmers’ market inviting guests view and admire various old craftsmanship. Of course there will also be atmospheric music played by a local band.

Should one Almabtrieb not be enough for you, you will be happy to find out that there are plenty of other possibilities in Zillertal valley to enjoy this alpine custom with its unique atmosphere.  From 14th September until 5th October Almabtrieb celebrations will take place in many villages of the Zillertal valley.

Open Air Concert of the local "Zillertaler Haderlumpen"

Sing along, schunkel and dance along – everything is allowed then the Zillertaler Haderlumpen start their performance and guarantee a great atmosphere on the occasion of their big Open Air festival from 7th -9th August 2015

The Zillertaler Haderlumpen will start the weekend not only with music but also with exercise. On a relaxed hiking tour from the middle station of the Zillertal Arena mountain railway downhill towards the Enzianhof on Gerlosberg mountain, the band enjoys quality time with their fans and friends right in the middle of the wonderful Zillertal mountain world. After an exciting day, the legendary Warm-up party will start at the Haderlumpentreff in the evening.

On Saturday the Zillertaler Haderlumpen start their big Open Air festival in Zell am Ziller. Opening acts like the Zillertaler Mander, the Highlander, Andreas Hastreiter, Jessica Ming, Bergfeuer, the Geschwister Hoffmann and DJ Mox make sure to warm up the audience properly. As highlight of the evening, the Zillertaler Haderlumpen will enter the stage to provide entertainment and a lively atmosphere with their performance.

Those who like to continue the party on Sunday morning will have the opportunity to do so at the morning pint. The band Dorfer from the Salzburger Land (Salzburg area) and of course the Zillertaler Haderlumpen step on it once more and will properly finish off the weekend.